Bigg boss 17 contestants
Bigg Boss 17 Contestants

Bigg boss 17 contestants List With Photos, Audition Dates, and More!

Unveiling Bigg boss 17 contestants : Starting Date, Contestants List With Photos, Audition Dates, and More!

Get ready for Bigg Boss Season 17! Discover the starting date, potential contestants, audition details, and all the juicy updates you need to know. Don’t miss out on the latest buzz in the world of Indian reality TV!


The thrill is back! Bigg Boss, the iconic Indian reality show that has kept us glued to our screens for years, is all set to roll out its 17th season. Inspired by the Dutch reality show Big Brother, this sensational series has garnered a massive following, becoming a pop culture phenomenon in India. As the excitement builds, fans are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Bigg Boss Season 17, and we’re here to quench your curiosity with a sneak peek into the starting date, potential contestants, audition details, and more!

Bigg Boss Season 17 Starting Date

The anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as fans gear up for another thrilling season of Bigg Boss. While the makers are keeping their cards close to their chests, rumors are swirling that the 17th season is likely to kick off in the middle of October 2023. So, mark your calendars and get ready to be swept into the whirlwind drama that Bigg Boss has consistently delivered!

Bigg Boss 17 contestants List

The heart of Bigg Boss lies in its diverse and intriguing contestants, who come from various walks of life to live under the watchful eye of the camera. Although the official list of Season 17 contestants is still under wraps, our crystal ball predicts a mix of actors, actresses, and social media influencers who are poised to set the house on fire. Let’s take a sneak peek at some potential contestants:

Surbhi Jyoti

A powerhouse of talent, Surbhi Jyoti, has captivated audiences with her versatile acting skills. From her unforgettable portrayal of Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai to her role in Punjabi cinema, Surbhi has proven her mettle and is likely to bring her charm to the Bigg Boss house.

Anjali Arora

This social media sensation and actress has made waves with her appearances in music videos and web series. Anjali’s journey could be a rollercoaster ride in the Bigg Boss house, given her flair for entertainment and her knack for standing out.

Kanika Mann

From Guddan in “Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega” to the silver screen, Kanika Mann has captured hearts with her performances. Her bubbly personality and acting prowess might just make her a strong contender for the Bigg Boss crown.

Faisal Shaikh (Mr. Faisu)

Known for his charismatic presence on TikTok, Faisal Shaikh, aka Mr. Faisu, is a social media star who can light up any room. His journey from TikTok to the Bigg Boss house could be a fascinating transition to watch!


Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya

With her impressive acting credentials and a heartwarming presence, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is a household name. Her journey from TV serials to reality TV could be a testament to her versatility and resilience.

Awez Darbar

Dance sensation, choreographer, and YouTuber, Awez Darbar’s infectious energy could set the Bigg Boss stage ablaze. His journey might just add a groovy twist to the show!

Aishwarya Sharma

A talented actress and model, Aishwarya Sharma has left her mark on the television industry with her performances. Stepping into the Bigg Boss house could be a chance for her to showcase her true colors.

Mohsin Khan

Known for his role in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” Mohsin Khan’s entry into Bigg Boss could be a thrilling transition for the actor, offering viewers a glimpse into his personality beyond the screen.

Anjum Fakih

This versatile actress and model has graced the TV screens with her roles in various shows. Anjum Fakih’s journey could bring forth new dimensions of her personality that fans have yet to see.

These are just a few of the probable participants who could be on Bigg Boss Season 17. Keep an eye out for the formal announcement!

Bigg Boss Season 17 Audition

Are you ready to be a part of the Bigg Boss saga? The opportunity to showcase your personality and resilience in the Bigg Boss house might just be around the corner. While the audition date for Season 17 is yet to be unveiled, you can prepare yourself to seize the chance by registering on the show’s official platform. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your mark in the world of reality TV!

Bigg Boss Season 17 Dates

The countdown has begun! The 17th season of Bigg Boss is gearing up for a grand launch before the year wraps up. While the exact date remains a well-kept secret, you can stay tuned for the announcement once the registration process is complete. As auditions wind down, around 15-20 lucky candidates will be selected to enter the hallowed Bigg Boss house. Brace yourselves for the unveiling of the official starting date, when the contestants will embark on their journey towards becoming the ultimate Bigg Boss champion.

FAQs About Bigg Boss 17 contestants

When is Bigg Boss Season 17 expected to start?

The 17th season of Bigg Boss is anticipated to kick off around the middle of October 2023.

Who are some potential contestants for Bigg Boss Season 17?

While the official list is yet to be released, potential contestants could include Surbhi Jyoti, Anjali Arora, Kanika Mann, Mr. Faisu, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, Awez Darbar, Aishwarya Sharma, Mohsin Khan, and Anjum Fakih.

How can I get an audition for Bigg Boss 17?

Keep an eye on the official platform for Bigg Boss auditions. Once the audition dates are announced, register and seize your chance to join the show!

When will the official starting date of Bigg Boss Season 17 be revealed?

The starting date will be unveiled once the audition process is complete. Stay tuned for the exciting announcement!


As we eagerly await the commencement of Bigg Boss Season 17, the anticipation is palpable. With potential contestants from various backgrounds, the show promises to deliver entertainment, drama, and emotions like never before. The journey from auditions to the grand unveiling of the starting date is bound to keep fans on the edge of their seats. So, gear up for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, conflicts, friendships, and alliances in the Bigg Boss house. Let the countdown begin for the next chapter of this enthralling reality show! For more fascinating insights into the world of Indian Television, make sure to explore our website. Stay tuned and keep those speculations alive as we await the grand reveal of Bigg Boss Season 17!

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